#2 Collage Beurs

22 November 2021

Trade fair visits possible again at long last

After almost two years in which the opportunity for trade-fair attendance and participation was almost zero, all are now possible again at long last. We’ve really enjoyed doing them again!

#1 Bufferband Kopie

22 November 2021

New: Buffer belt for NP60 & BTB25

We have developed a new option that improves ease of use and facilitates a high and consistent production output.

#3 Introductie Pepijn

22 November 2021

A wonderful new addition to the sales team

As a leading supplier of wrapping machines for chocolate bars and tablets in a growing segment, Lareka is committing itself to recruiting young talent and growth.

Pedro Araújo Vinte Vinte World Of Wine

21 July 2021

Success Stories: Pedro Araújo (Vinte Vinte | World of Wine)

In this issue of Success Stories, Pedro explains the importance of direct trade with growers, discusses the partnership with Lareka and shares his favourite chocolate bar and packaging.

Bean To Bar Beurs

21 July 2021

After a long hiatus: our first bean-to-bar event of 2021.

Less is more when it comes to packaging. That’s why, as packaging specialists, we are always on the lookout for innovative, sustainable materials for automated chocolate-wrapping.

Bean To Bar Evenement 2021

21 July 2021

Sustainable solutions for packaging materials

Less is more when it comes to packaging. That’s why, as packaging specialists, we are always on the lookout for innovative, sustainable materials for automated chocolate-wrapping.


26 April 2021

Success stories: Jonathan Chapman (Raw Halo)

The story of Jonathan Chapman and his partner Meg Haggar is an impressive one. The two young entrepreneurs have stormed the chocolate...


26 April 2021

Available for fast delivery: SIG DSN (high-speed packaging machine)

A SIG DSN was in the process of being overhauled for a client who had been expecting large orders of chocolate bars, but these failed to...

3.1) Voorkant Nieuwsitem Bernachon

26 April 2021

Bernachon: from manual to automated packaging

Installation of the BTB25 at Bernachon seen on popular French TV show (2.6 million viewers) A special project for a special chocolatier...

Schermafbeelding 2021 04 26 Om 13.51.26

26 April 2021

BTB25 on wheels: making it easy to move the machine around

For artisan and bean-to-bar chocolate makers who are short on space, we have added a new option to the BTB25. From now on, the compact...


28 January 2021

Success Stories: Greg D’Alesandre (Dandelion Chocolate)

For more than 10 years, Dandelion Chocolate has been producing small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate in San Francisco's Mission District....


28 January 2021

BTB25: Versatility at its best!

One packaging solution for your whole range of bars and tablets Unique size range There are no chocolate packaging machines on the market...

Producten PCC

12 November 2020

Personalized chocolate

The packaging trend of 2020 is expected to continue its strong growth The demand for personalized products has soared in recent years,...


12 November 2020

Optimizing our service. A “new” face

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation together with Lareka in the field of global (after-sales) service and spare parts....


12 November 2020

Success stories: Hans Mekking (Urban Cacao)

about his signature chocolate bar, sustainable production and more. Hans Mekking, owner of Urban Cacao, has been making “the city's...

Foto 2

02 September 2020

Why invest in a BTB25 now? Your last chance to boost December sales

Most business owners would agree that 2020 has been far from what they’d expected - so far. This is why Lareka is offering chocolatiers...

Foto 3

02 September 2020

Packing chocolate with toppings. Discover the flexibility of the BTB25

Hazelnuts, dried fruit and many other toppings are used on artisan chocolate today. They add flavour but create height differences...

Foto 1

02 September 2020

Modular Sticker Unit. A new module for the BTB25

More and more chocolatiers are moving away from printed packaging and opting to use stickers instead. This ensures that artisan chocolate...


13 May 2020

A pearl of a total concept, made by Lareka

Our total concept for personalised chocolate sets a new standard in lead times, batches and merits. The concept is comprehensive: from...

Producten PCC

13 May 2020

Moneymaker. Lareka introduces a unique total concept for personalised chocolate

Personalised products are popular. Very popular in fact. And personalised chocolate is something the market simply can't resist....


13 May 2020

Opportunities for tomorrow for today's entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is looking ahead. It's what made you an entrepreneur in the first place. And no matter how the coronavirus affects your...


11 December 2019

Flexible and versatile. The BTB25 can do it with cardboard.

The BTB25 is very much an all-rounder. But can it do it with cardboard? You bet! This packaging machine for artisanal chocolate is so...


10 December 2019

BTB25. From flower power to choco power

Back then everyone was wearing them in their hair. But now they have a thing with chocolate. When you say San Francisco, you say...


01 October 2019

Tomric new distributor America, here we come!

Columbus discovered America in 1492. And then America discovered Lareka (2010 – 2019). Call it high involvement for low volume packaging...


05 June 2019

Ruben Taks, pleased to meet you. New incentives for the sales team

Lareka invests in new developments. The BTB25 is a good example. We also invest in people who give machines a future, like sales engineer...


05 June 2019

NP350 sr. Responding to trends

How do I respond to trends such as small portions, assortments and personalised tablets? Orders/batches of 500 pieces but still wrap 1...

Foto 50X70 Cm (1)

22 January 2019

High five voor high volume

Is high volume how you earn your daily living? And do you like to progress at a rapid pace? By selecting the SIG DST/DSN, you are...