02 September 2020

Why invest in a BTB25 now? Your last chance to boost December sales

Updated: 21 July 2021

Most business owners would agree that 2020 has been far from what they’d expected - so far. This is why Lareka is offering chocolatiers the opportunity to make the most of the peak season for chocolate sales and end the year with better figures. Armed with the Lareka BTB25 packaging machine, you will be in a much better position to achieve a major boost in your premium chocolate bar and tablet sales. Why is now the right time to invest?

December: a top month
It’s a strange year, full of change, Covid-19 measures and social unrest. But one thing that hasn’t changed: demand for (artisan) chocolate. This demand will be particularly strong in December. However, without the packaging capacity necessary, you won’t be able to benefit optimally from the extra demand for chocolate during the festive period. The BTB25 solves this problem for you. Why is now the right time to invest? Here at Lareka, we are building a batch of BTB25 machines and have one left for delivery in November - just on time for you to get more premium chocolate bars and tablets out into the market in December.

Financial support
Governments throughout the world are spending billions to get their economies back up and running. Our advice to you: grab the financial support on offer and look beyond the current crisis. Invest in the future of your chocolate company with an automated packaging solution with great payback potential.

If you would like to generate extra sales this year and aren’t afraid to make a snap decision, call Lareka on: +31 40 208 66 66