05 June 2019

Ruben Taks, pleased to meet you. New incentives for the sales team

Updated: 21 July 2021

Lareka invests in new developments. The BTB25 is a good example. We also invest in people who give machines a future, like sales engineer Ruben Taks. He recently joined our sales team and will soon know everything there is to know about the BTB25 and the NP60 s.

Familiarise and roll-out
The BTB25 is a world-class machine, and Ruben will be rolling out this flexible all-rounder for artisan chocolate on a worldwide scale. He has been familiarising himself with the chocolate profession since 15 April. Working alongside customers was part of his initiation, as was a training at Barry Callebaut. He will get to know the BTB25 inside out, just like the NP60 s.

Combine a fresh look with two years of study experience in the USA coupled with an overdose of youthful enthusiasm and you will get a picture of Ruben Taks. It would be surprising if that does not create impulses for more continuity at Lareka and enthusiasm among our customers. To be continued.

Would you like to meet our new sales engineer and the BTB25 and NP60 s?