02 September 2020

Packing chocolate with toppings. Discover the flexibility of the BTB25

Updated: 21 July 2021

Hazelnuts, dried fruit and many other toppings are used on artisan chocolate today. They add flavour but create height differences between chocolate bars and tablets too. Lareka has developed a solution aimed specifically at chocolate bars and tablets like these.
Sprung upper stamp
The BTB25 was already known for the wide range of sizes it is able to handle. This latest development means that it now also stands out for its ability to pack chocolate bars and tablets with height differences. The secret? A sprung upper plunger. It acts as a shock absorber, which ensures that toppings varying in height up to 13 mm are packed without any problems or breakages.
Why not put us to the test?
Are you producing thin bars and tablets with large, uneven toppings? Until now, there hasn’t been a packaging machine that was able to pack products like this. The flexibility of the BTB25 solves this problem for you. If you are a chocolatier who wants to use and experiment with toppings but have been held back by the lack of an automated packaging solution, why not put us to the test?