Profit in changeover


 Small adjustments, great benefits

Customers know all about it. Changeover costs time and is detrimental to productivity. The trick is to turn it around and let time work to your benefit. How, then, do you pack three sizes of chocolate on an NP350 as effectively as possible? With three different label lengths? Listen, take stock and analyse. The solution will then be surprisingly easy.


Profit maker

Rationalise the three sizes of chocolate and ensure that all labels have the same length. You then do not have to change the cutting length of the aluminium foil. By standardising the widths of the tablets, you will make even more profit. You could also use less size sets, which will save you half the investment. The icing on the cake? Less size sets means less changeover time. Sometimes a changeover does not have to occur at all. Spread this out over fifteen years and surprise the CFO with a profit maker.



How do you develop the best solutions? Put marketing, production and an inventive supplier together. And discover that with small adjustments you can achieve great benefits.


Would you also like to gain more profit from changeover times?

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