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At first sight it does not stand out. Until you take a second look and know what to look for. That's when you see it. Thermal damage to your chocolate is not a good way to advertise your brand. If you prefer your production to be flawless, Lareka has come up with a breakthrough!


What exactly is the problem?

Premium chocolate bars are sealed in aluminium foil. A 140°C sealing bar comes close to the chocolate bars during the sealing process. The result is thermal damage to your chocolate bars. The heat causes corners and edges to melt and irregularities to develop. During the tempering process, the chocolate temperature is controlled to within a few tenths of a degree for optimal snap, sheen, taste and shelf-life. A strange state of affairs. Because during packaging, we heat the chocolate indirectly with a super-hot sealing bar. The worst nightmare for any confectioner.


Packaging at approximately 26°C

From now on, you can package your chocolate without any thermal damage or aesthetic defects. Lareka has developed a conversion kit with a shield between the hot bar and the product, which stays at just 26°C. The result is that the chocolate bars are flawless, with a perfect sheen, and are a delight to the eye.


A First

The new sealing bar has integrated ventilation with cooling ribs. There is a minimal connection between the holder and the heating mechanism. As a result, it stays at approximately 26°C on the product side. The sealing bar is 3D printed in stainless steel. The unit is supplied as a fully complete kit consisting of sealing bars, bottom guides, air cooling and other accessories. Lareka once again shows that innovation is embedded in its DNA. We have a solution for every die-fold packaging machine.


If you would like to transform your hot seal into cold stuff, call us to make arrangements for a productive meeting.

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