Premium in the superlative form



Swiss next top model

Just imagine that you are a piece of Swiss chocolate from a well-known brand. As a whopping 300-gram bar of chocolate you are lying on the premium shelf between equally well-known Swiss brands. How do you let consumers know that they should choose you and not the others?


Cardboard packaging in gold foil

Forget that old paper packaging. Because, as a Swiss top model, you dress yourself in a beautiful cardboard box with embossed logo and gold foil print. An outfit like that will make the seller roar silently and marketing very happy, because the cash register is jingling. However, you have one problem. The machine that is needed for this is large and expensive (€ 600,000), needs a new building, and the capacity is too large. How do you make your ambitions become reality?


Otto Haensel

Lareka has its own ideas about packaging and packaging machines. You create a Swiss next top model by renovating an old Otto Haensel HTUG dating from 1960. The result? This Haensel can now package aluminium foil and cardboard in one phase. Add a new size set, a new glue system and a new safety screen and you have a new model that is ready for the top.


Smart with costs

The entire operation took eight weeks and for a fraction of a new machine you will make a difference on the shelf. The customer has doubled his sales compared to 2015! That’s a great saving. Who wants more sales?​


Are you looking for machines that make a difference?

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