Precision gluing for chocolate With experience from the tobacco industry


It is a kind of high-speed train, but for gluing. And it can speed ahead with the greatest precision. In the tobacco industry, Lareka’s TGV can stick on 500 tax stickers per minute, each with eight glue dots. That’s no less than 4000 glue dots a minute. A nice springboard to chocolate, this TGV-gluing whose speed changes during the process.


Quick and precise for the Sig DSN

Chocolate demands accuracy and this is a challenge to rise to. How do you apply hotmelt to a blank during a movement when the speed changes from 0 to 4000 millimetres a second?

  • Use a super-fast glue head that can gear up to 700 dots a second.

  • Drive this glue head with a motion controller that knows the acceleration profile of the blank movement by heart and you can simply program the glue positions in mm.

Then it’s a question of clever software and an intuitive user interface.


New applications

High-precision gluing is another innovation from Lareka. With this technique, a new generation of creative packaging materials can be processed. The glue reaches the right position and this offers opportunities to make the packaging resealable for example. Our system can be integrated easily into almost any Sig, Sapal or Loesch machine.

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