Overhaul-upgrade of Sig DST More than just a facelift



Mirror, mirror on the wall – who is the fairest of them all? There is a big chance that Sig DST would not recognise itself if it glanced in the mirror. This machine has had a complete makeover: from the DST of the seventies to the DSN 2015 level. One Swiss customer can also be mirrored by this overhaul-upgrade. At his place, the machine turns out 165 bars a minute. To their full satisfaction.​



So what did the transformation involve exactly? To make a DSN out of a DST, Lareka had to pull out all the stops. It started with a total overhaul and new curves to be able to wrap at 165 rpm. Then there are heaters to seal aluminium and the possibility to process OPP as primary packaging. A bar code scanner is another advantage. Does the label match the flavour, format and formula? This extra check lowers the risk of errors and outage. A laser coder prints the best-before date and the batch number. Every batch is traceable.


Forty years

An accurate gluing system, a new stainless steel housing, a new controller with touchscreen, a formula structure that saves the settings for every format... The DSN is ready for another forty years’ intensive use. Four format sets come supplied. Looking for Sig DST/DSN? Want to give your machine a second youth? Reflect your wishes on Lareka. We take care.

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