A solution to impossible work


 It was a huge task that exhausted twenty packers. Completely crazy. The wrappers just piled up. There are soon calls of ‘Tom Puss, think up a scheme!’ Then phoning Lareka’s not such a bad idea. In particular when you’re the Dutch market leader in chocolate bars and on the way towards slave-free chocolate and fair trade.


20 packers don’t have enough hands

Our customer sells a unique product online. He packs his chocolate in a wrapping that you can have a personal message printed on. That’s nice when you want to congratulate someone or thank them for their visit. There are eight flavours of chocolate and volumes range between one and five hundred bars. A convincing success, this bar with a personal touch. But impossible work for the twenty packers. The volumes just kept increasing.


New life for an old Nagema

The solution? Think lean, think Lareka! A Nagema EB-1 packing machine of about fifty years old was overhauled and adapted. This just keeps doing its job despite increasing volumes. Precision work. All bars are packed by name, flavour, batch code and best before date. Right first time. That’s important because there are no spare wrappers.


Have you got a weird request as well?

Challenge us. Because there’ll have to be something very strange going on if we can’t help you.

Huge task or not. Email for more information info@lareka.nl of phone usl on +31 40 208 66 66.

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