A fine example of chocolate balls



Pushing Boundaries with Rasch Ru

How do you pack sixty chocolate balls a minute? Sixty balls of 55 millimetres in aluminium foil? Normally it would mean a new Rasch RG. But that comes at a cost. And the speed? Very disappointing in practice. Not an attractive option for our customer.


From 48 to 55 mm

On the other hand, updating an old Rasch Ru is an attractive proposition. However, this machine does have its limitations. A size of up to 48 millimetres is the maximum it can achieve. It is high time to push the boundaries. This is a challenge for the Lareka team.


14 stations instead of 18

Our solution? To pack 55-millimetre balls, we have adjusted the infeed disk from eighteen to fourteen stations. Subsequently, we took care of the lower die. The cut-off length of the aluminium foil was cut back rigorously. A safety system with double contacts and a safe tip speed was also a customer requirement. The possibility to eventually load up with robots was another requirement.


For half the money

Pushing boundaries is rewarding. This update goes hand in hand with extra capacity. A new machine would have cost our customer twice as much money. It’s a question of ingenuity. Compliments to the team!​


Would you also like to push boundaries with old Rasch Rus?

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