Water-soluble foil A sea of possibilities for a sea full of junk



This will undoubtedly sound familiar to you. You only have to switch on the TV and a mega problem drifts into the living room: oceans full of plastic soup. Weathering, sunlight and waves cause this plastic to break up into fragments, which then drift aimlessly across the world’s oceans. Plastic soup is junk and creates an ecological drama of extremes as never before known.



What do you do if you use non-degradable foils for wrapping chocolate? You then go in search of alternatives, such as materials that dissolve in water. We eventually found a soluble foil through our network that is even edible. It is a residual material from dairy that can be valuably applied as packaging. Meanwhile, this foil is being tested on the NP60 s.




Development in full swing

A better environment starts with the packaging. This water soluble foil means we are taking a step in the right direction. The development of this material is in full swing. We are working hard to get the foil ready so that we can put the chocolate on the shelf. This is an example of how we continue to look for the best solution for chocolate and the environment.


Great idea? Call us!

At Lareka, we are always on the lookout for new ideas and new materials that are sustainable, effective and groundbreaking. Do you have ideas that fit this description or do you want to help us test the water-soluble foil? Call us +31 40 208 66 66


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