Party The 25th anniversary of a mystery man



He was actually not looking forward to it at all. But in the end, he had to give in. Twenty-five years of loyal service is no mean feat and everyone was looking forward to a party. Not that anyone special had to come and sing to him personally but a little music alone is good for getting everyone to link arms and kick up their heels. Well, OK then...


In the garden

And then the big day finally arrives; somewhere in early September, in the garden of Lareka, the heart of summer but with the occasional umbrella. Family, friends, colleagues and former colleagues came together to sing to the jubilarian: they shared memories, gave hilarious performances, told tall stories and extended compliments for his boundless commitment.



What do you give a jubilarian who doesn’t know when to stop and is bursting with ideas? He is given a lamp because he is a shining example for the company. It’s high time to switch on that lamp and put the mystery man in the spotlight. HE is none other than Henk Somers, 25 years a director of which 15 as owner. ‘Well done, Henk! What you have achieved is unique.’


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