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Brainport is the smartest region in the world and in Valkenswaard they are working hard to maintain that image. For example, every three years Lareka comes up with a major innovation. In the intervening years, smaller innovations see the light. Every year we spend 7.5% of our turnover on R&D. This places us among the most innovative companies in the world.


Eindhoven University of Technology

Innovation means investing and at R&D we leave nothing to chance. We have a natural tendency to combine pragmatism with common sense, and we test that against theory. Open innovation and collaboration are the key to success in the Brainport region. We work together with the TUe (Eindhoven University of Technology) on an improved theoretical mathematical model to better understand the folding process.



How do you make reliable and innovative machines? Built on continuity and distinctive power? Durability testing helps. In the past year we have tested a paper jaw. It opened and closed its jaws at least three million times without a murmur. We have also cut back on material for the cams of the last BTB25 and NP60 s. Fifteen million strokes were made in a test set-up. That’s good for around ten years of production.




Lareka invests in R&D without concessions so that you can make a difference. Want to know more about machines that give you a head start? Call us to make arrangements for a productive meeting.


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