Small premium bars, high premium price



Whether you are packaging large bars or napolitains, the unit packaging costs are virtually the same. As a result, the margin per kilo for napos is too low. Care and professionalism deserve more, definitely when small series are involved. How can you transform napolitains into something special so you can command top prices?


The trend is your friend

No doubt you have already noticed this. Consumers are looking for chocolate with creative ingredients, small-sized products and unique assortments. The more exclusive, the better. The trick is to let your napolitain profit from this trend. All indicators for converting opportunities into hard cash are positive.


Pleasing to the eye

Our suggestion? Transform your napolitains into something festive. Embellish them with fine ingredients and package them in transparent foil with a luxurious label. That would make anyone's mouth water. Consumers are prepared to dig deeper into their wallets for something so enticing.


To a higher level

By using premium packaging, you elevate your napolitains to a higher level. They almost acquire the allure of a praline. And that puts them on the menu: as sweets with coffee after a delicious dinner. Packaged as an assortment, they do very well in the premium retail segment. It is virtually impossible for anyone to resist such luxury.


Get the best price

If you, too, would like to get the best price for your premium bars, visit us at the ProSweets trade fair in Cologne or at the Chocoa Festival in Amsterdam. And discover the packaging machines that support these premium ideas. 



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