Tony’s Unlimited. Tony’s Chocolonely world idea



It’s a kind of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in miniature. But then different. Because this chocolate line is from Tony’s Chocolonely, it’s in the Tony’s Chocolonely Superstore and it makes personalised bars in lots of flavours and coloured wrappers; the Tony’s Unlimited. Partly made possible by Lareka.


Edition of one

Tony’s Chocolonely is an impact organisation selling chocolate. Their vision is 100% slave-free chocolate. Not only their own, but all chocolate worldwide. Last year they became the market leader for chocolate bars in the Netherlands. Where the brand previously caused a furore with personalised bars that you could order online, now they’ve opened a second brand store in the centre of Amsterdam. This store with a chocolate line is an absolute party for the consumer. Here you can choose which taste you’d like. In an edition of one. Utterly unique!


Unique experience

Charlie has reason to be jealous. Tony’s Unlimited in Tony’s Superstore is an experience unmatched by anything else. You’re right there in it. This is where chocolate is made while you watch. Ready while you wait and it couldn’t be fresher. Forget about the brand stores on Times Square and remember Tony’s Chocolonely, a global brand for world ideas.




Personally packaged

And the packaging? That too is strictly personal. You design the label yourself: whatever you want, and made to order. The colour and text are up to you. With the BTB25, Lareka’s bean-to-bar machine, every bar is tightly packed. Each bar gets a personal touch.

The BTB25 is also a feast for the eyes and easy to operate. At a rate of 25 bars a minute.


Thinking against the grain

The industry was quick to scoff. Who would produce chocolate bars in editions of just one? This ‘mass production’ was doomed to failure. What an idea! Tony’s Chocolonely clearly felt differently. On 9 November Tony’s Unlimited opened in the Tony’s Chocolonely Superstore in the old Cacao Fair (Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam). And wouldn’t you just know it? A world idea works. So does quirky marketing. Lareka likes to help to make the impossible possible.


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