NP60, Lareka’s next top model for small artisanal chocolate



Consumers have taken to artisanal chocolate with open arms. And how! The small series of personalised Neapolitans are particularly popular. The NP60, Lareka’s next top model, lets your craftsmanship shine on the shelf. This machine is great for the smaller work. 


Marketing with a personal touch

The NP60 is the smaller brother of the BTB25. Yet its talents are anything but small. Take a look at what this top model has to offer. This machine likes to pack small bars and small series of personalised neapolitans. To give you an idea: the neapolitan chocolates go really well with weddings, births, anniversaries or a championship. So they’re a great marketing tool for everyone with something to celebrate.


Luxury and convenience

Your chocolate will look extra festive with a slightly more luxurious label. These are stacked labels that you can print yourself on a laser printer. Nice and easy. Change the size? That’s just as easy as with its big brother the BTB25. The smaller size range also means a great handling rate: 60 bars a minute. It goes without saying that the NP60 is built according to the latest safety and hygiene requirements.


Introduction wanted

You’ve heard about it and we’ve written about it. Would you like to put the NP60 to the test yourself? Our next top model would like to meet artisanal chocolatiers. Visit us at the fair. Or make an appointment for another time and discover a topper who likes to show his talents. 





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