Hungry for knowledge; making young people enthusiastic for technology, etc.




Hungry for knowledge

Young people hold the key to the future. This is certainly true in the smartest region in the world where many high-tech companies are located. That is why Lareka allows young people to sniff, smell and taste mechanical engineering through placements and graduation assignments.


Young and old

At Lareka, young people are taught by ‘old hands’. The older workers have been tried and tested in mechanical engineering. This leads to a fruitful exchange. Young people have the latest technology and insights, and take a fresh look at things.  You then automatically acquire a taste for mechanical engineering, just like Mitch, who carried out research at Lareka and graduated in the folding process of wrapping materials.


Neatly folded

It looks simple enough, but if you look more closely the opposite is true. How do you wrap bars of chocolate neatly? With twelve folds at once? Hundreds of thousands in a row? Controlled folding is not child’s play. The trick is to make the folding process even more predictable. That prevents surprises afterwards.


Test set-up

Mitch, a student at the Technical School Eindhoven, delved into the folding process and took up the challenge. He was paired up with an experienced engineer. For his graduation project, he built a test set-up with all the principles of a real machine. An ideal springboard for further research, because we can now test different materials and see how they react to adjustments and get a better grip on the folding process. This will provide more quality on the shelf.



And Mitch? He graduated with good marks. He has now progressed to the University for Applied Technologies Fontys in Eindhoven, because his appetite for knowledge cannot be curbed.






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