Ruby chocolate. Look at the trends through rose-tinted glasses




Callebaut surprised friend and foe last year by introducing ruby chocolate. This hedonistic indulgence was a huge success! Millennials acquired the taste immediately. As an innovator, Lareka organised a tasting session to inform the employees about the highest levels of enjoyment.


Putting it to the test

Ruby chocolate, what does it taste like? Eat it and you will find out. But this is easier said than done. KitKat was the first to feature the new ruby chocolate created by Callebaut and Japan was the first country to taste it. Lareka employees quickly followed suit. We ordered the ruby chocolate from KitKat via via in Japan. A pink cloud? We were not overly enthusiastic. There was little trace of beautiful ruby flavours.


Revenge in Belgium

Fortunately, we were able to quickly forget Japan. We were given another chance to taste the chocolate in Belgium. And how! We were in for a real treat at quality chocolatier Boon in Hasselt. This was the ruby chocolate as Callebaut had intended. First rate! Premium in its most beautiful form. This is going to be a hit.


Lareka’s ideas

Ruby chocolate is hotting up. The market is enthusiastic, to say nothing of the millennials. How do you translate this development into premium packaging, followed up by technical solutions? We love a challenge. Look at the opportunities through rose-tinted glasses and call Lareka. You might soon surprise friend and foe.



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