World record changeover times Lean to bean with the new BTB25





We have been getting envious looks from our national F1 racing driver. That’s because the new BTB25 wrapping machine is mainly a machine that is fast becoming a world champion in changeover times. The format change has an unprecedented Formula 1 level. In just fifteen minutes, you are ready for the next round. These times are enough to make you dizzy. Where else would you find a pit stop like that?


New records

The new BTB25 wrapping machine does not waste time. In fact, it is the other way round. Bean to bar is hot and with this machine time works to your advantage. In fifteen minutes, you have changed over the entire wrapping machine. Lean to bean, let’s say. Forget the half-day production loss and count your winnings. The pace is unique and a mention in the Book of Records is on the horizon. Size range? The BTB25 is suitable for fifty to two hundred gram tablets. And our racing driver? He can’t believe his eyes! Because this race monster is only in the pits a very short time.


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