A Christmas wish from Lareka




Peaking at Christmas. That’s what chocolate consumption does in the month of December. It’s the time of the year when the most chocolate is consumed worldwide. Good for business, a peak like that, you might say. But unfortunately, there are troughs as well as peaks. Take, for instance, the chocolate supply chain. From bean to bar, the chain is not yet free of slavery, child labour and exploitation. Fortunately, this is no longer accepted.


The number of companies that are making changes in the chain is growing. Their ambition? A fair chain! At Lareka, we identify with that ambition. We work for it too, no matter how small we are as an engineering works.



In 2012, Lareka attended the Chocovision conference in Davos, Switzerland. On the first evening, Sir Bob Geldof (Live Aid I and II) gave a keynote address to an audience of business leaders from the sector. Geldof’s main themes are combating poverty and hunger in Africa. The cocoa farmers there are struggling. They work under deplorable conditions and do not receive fair prices for their produce. The need is great. According to Geldof, no entrepreneur can still justify shutting their eyes to this or looking away. It is time for action.


Microcredits, macro effects

In addition to Sir Bob, Nobel Peace Prize winner and microcredit initiator Mohamed Yunus addressed the conference. Microcredits lead to macro effects. Invest in enterprise. Then people will learn to stand on their own two feet and take control of their own lives. It promotes self-reliance, autonomy and independence and strengthens a sense of pride and self-esteem. This dynamic, in turn, stimulates the economy and democracy. People develop themselves. Regions develop themselves. The flywheel starts turning. To start small and end big. In Africa or anywhere else in the world.



Our clients are doing good work in the chain. We not only laud their efforts, but want to work shoulder to shoulder with them on a better world, in our very own way. Bob Geldof opened our eyes. Nobel prize winner Mohamed Yunus and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands did the rest: microcredits. From 2012 to 2022 (10 years), we are investing a substantial share of our net profit in the form of credit.



Something can be done to combat poverty and hunger in the world. Share your ideals, as Sir Bob Geldof does. Turn your ideals into action, as our clients do. Only by unchaining something together can you truly peak. On the basis of that thought, Lareka wishes you a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.


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