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You should really read this message in upper case. Because this is big news. When it comes to premium chocolate bars the Netherlands is world champion in innovating. In the past two years the chocolate bar section in the supermarket has become bigger and has been totally revamped. Lots of new sizes and tastes. Flow wrap is out and demoted to the lowest shelf. Premium wraps are back and on show. And 75% of all these bars is wrapped using a machine that is adapted or supplied by Lareka. Speaking about champions.


Size opportunities

Chocolate sales in the Netherlands are buoyant. And abroad? There’s a world of opportunities out there! You can stand out with creative new wrapping. And Lareka’s format set helps you do this. Great for marketers that want to innovate: in size, paper or card, with transparent windows. Format sets give you flexibility and operate on a single machine.


With these sets a wrapping machine becomes primarily a marketing machine: for premium brands, private labels and private brands.


Curious consumers

Chocolate sales are up and consumers are enjoying a voyage of discovery. How fast are you going to respond to new opportunities? Lareka is creative, professional and fast. Useful for marketers bidding to become champion.


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