EK-1-specialist Formula 1 for hard sweets
























Forget the backflip but remember the double twist. Because if the EK-1 machine is good at anything it’s that.

This machine wraps at least 1,200 sweets a minute with a double twist. So the EK-1 wrapping machine is ideal for sweets that want to keep the pace up, like ice cream sweets for instance.



EK-1 machines are all about pace and accuracy: a kind of formula 1 amongst the wrapping machines. A trailblazer. At Lareka we love hard sweets like butter toffees. We are expert in EK-1. We breathe new life into old machines. By, for example, replacing all the electrics. We make customized modifications and machines are as good as new again.



Are you planning to give your EK-1 machines a second youth? If so, get in touch with Lareka, the specialist in EK-1 wrapping machines. Low on capacity? With a bit of luck we can even find a used machine. And we modify each machine in line with your specifications. For the best Formula-1 work phone +31 40 208 66 66 or E-mail info@lareka.nl


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