NP350sr The Machine That Has Made a Name for Itself



Nomen est omen and for the NP350sr, the name speaks volumes. This machine wraps small chocolates at high speed. To be precise: 350 pieces per minute. This has made the NP350sr an invaluable asset for manufacturers that think big in small chocolates.


Fast and Versatile

The NP 350 is well positioned in the wrapping world. This versatile machine is popular. It is the only machine capable of processing labels from stack as well as reel. Sticking labels from stack onto aluminium foil? Here, too, the machine is the fastest available solution. Above all, this wrapping machine is a marketing machine. Creative ideas? Wrapping with a window? Napolitain see-through wrappers? The NP350sr is just as fond of ideas as you are.






The NP350sr has made a name for itself. You know what to expect from this machine: reliability, availability and creativity. Something else to keep in mind. Lareka stands behind the NP350sr, wherever it may be installed. Not surprising therefore that we recently delivered two new machines. Investing in quality pays off.


Watch the NP350sr movie here


If you too are ready for a reliable machine for your Napolitains, call us to make arrangements for a productive meeting.


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