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Premium chocolate demands premium wrapping. But how do you wrap difficult premium products such as chocolate bars with rounded chunks or with a filling? Beautifully thin format? Delicate and breakable? Lareka specialises in DST. These machines think nothing of difficult products.


Talent for Added Value

No matter how you look at it, a DST wrapping machine has a talent for premium chocolate. Call it flair. Care and attention are inherent. This way your premium product is not only beautifully displayed on the shelf, but this is also how the consumer receives it. A DST handles chocolate with a soft touch and creates added value. Consumers are prepared to pay for that exclusivity.





New: Carton Board Infeeder

Some premium chocolate bars require extra protection. Lareka supplies the carton board infeeder for this purpose. This unit, which is placed on top of your DST, injects a layer of cardboard above or below. This gives your wrapper an additional shield, a cushion. This way your chocolate is better protected against breakage. An extra layer of carton has a further benefit: a sense of tolerances. It ensures that each wrapper has the same dimensions. For chocolate-covered products this is not a superfluous luxury. Speaking about premium.


Watch the Carton Board Infeeder movie here


If you could benefit from greater protection for your delicate chocolates, call us to make arrangements for a productive meeting.

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