1 Oct 2019

He was actually not looking forward to it at all. But in the end, he had to give in. Twenty-five years of loyal service is no mean feat and everyone was looking forward to a party. Not that anyone special had to come and sing to him personally but a little music alone...

1 Oct 2019

Columbus discovered America in 1492. And then America discovered Lareka (2010 – 2019). Call it high involvement for low volume packaging machines, because the market for the BTB25 and NP60 is impressive. There is so much potential in the US that we have recently set up...

1 Oct 2019

This will undoubtedly sound familiar to you. You only have to switch on the TV and a mega problem drifts into the living room: oceans full of plastic soup. Weathering, sunlight and waves cause this plastic to break up into fragments, which then drift aimlessly across t...

5 Jun 2019

Brainport is the smartest region in the world and in Valkenswaard they are working hard to maintain that image. For example, every three years Lareka comes up with a major innovation. In the intervening years, smaller innovations see the light. Every year we spend 7.5%...

5 Jun 2019

Lareka invests in new developments. The BTB25 is a good example. We also invest in people who give machines a future, like sales engineer Ruben Taks. He recently joined our sales team and will soon know everything there is to know about the BTB25 and the NP60 s.


5 Jun 2019

How do I respond to trends such as small portions, assortments and personalised tablets? Orders/batches of 500 pieces but still wrap 1 million Napolitains per week? The NP350 sr wrapping machine is the solution.

Fast acceleration

Responding to trends is a matter of accel...

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