10 Dec 2019

The BTB25 is very much an all-rounder. But can it do it with cardboard? You bet! This packaging machine for artisanal chocolate is so versatile it increases your options even further. With cardboard, your chocolate tablets aren't simply better protected against breakin...

10 Dec 2019

Back then everyone was wearing them in their hair. But now they have a thing with chocolate. When you say San Francisco, you say Dandelion. And Dandelion is more than a trendsetter in chocolate, it creates the ultimate chocolate experience. So how do they package this...

9 Dec 2019

As we get closer to the end of 2019, we not only want to take stock of what we've achieved but also look ahead at the annual accounts. Because this year is different than usual. Allow us to introduce to you the annual account of happiness. This account is compiled acco...

1 Oct 2019

He was actually not looking forward to it at all. But in the end, he had to give in. Twenty-five years of loyal service is no mean feat and everyone was looking forward to a party. Not that anyone special had to come and sing to him personally but a little music alone...

1 Oct 2019

Columbus discovered America in 1492. And then America discovered Lareka (2010 – 2019). Call it high involvement for low volume packaging machines, because the market for the BTB25 and NP60 is impressive. There is so much potential in the US that we have recently set up...

1 Oct 2019

This will undoubtedly sound familiar to you. You only have to switch on the TV and a mega problem drifts into the living room: oceans full of plastic soup. Weathering, sunlight and waves cause this plastic to break up into fragments, which then drift aimlessly across t...

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