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Driven by passion and care, we strive for the best result for our customers.

Do you have any questions about packaging lines, overhauling your existing machine or something completely new?

By working hand in hand with our customers, Lareka develops the best production solution for your product - guaranteeing optimal performance.



Newly built machines

Which machine is pre-eminently suitable for packaging your chocolate? There is a fair chance that this machine is still to be invented.


Lareka develops the ideal machine in conformity with your specifications for new packaging concepts, higher speed and more volume. As OEM we stand for new development. For instance, take a look at the NP350sr for small chocolates or the TP75ds for larger bars in premium cardboard.



By equipping existing machines with innovating new units, new distinctive products can instantly be created. The advantage is the short time to market.



A nicer product, less loss and improved packaging… It pays off to give old machines a new life. By overhauling a machine you will have made-to-measure equipment that is often better than new machines. Faster, more accurate and with less breakage.


Lareka NP350sr
Otto Haensel Speedy


How do you prepare a packaging machine for the next round? With an upgrade, you can make your equipment up-to-date.


There are many types of upgrades. For instance, a casing for your machine to increase safety or a new electronic control system. And what about another glue system that can make the machine run faster?

Are you interested? Optimize your packaging.


Size conversion

Do you want to introduce a new product? With a new format set, you can considerably broaden the possibilities of your packaging machine.


Such a set enables you to make the same chocolate a little smaller or larger. Extra variation creates more potential customers. A format set can also come in very handy with respect to seasonal products. It allows you to smoothly switch from the one season to the other.


Additional format sets give you more scope. With a small investment, you can use a machine more efficiently. This option is faster, cheaper and more efficient than buying a new machine. 

Are you interested? Optimize your packaging. 

Spare parts

Parts do not have eternal lives. This particularly holds for wear parts. Therefore we keep a strategic stock of spare parts, varying from standard knife sets to innovating hard-metal knives with much longer service lines.

At Lareka we have a pro-active attitude, working on solutions for your future problems. 

Service & training

Lareka always stands behind the solutions and products it delivers. Therefore we can assist in commissioning our machines all through the world.


Thanks to our ample experience in thorough overhaul and development of many different machines, we have gained a lot of knowledge about our solutions. Apart from delivering machines, we can train your technical personnel and operators in maintenance how to perform a complete size conversion and how to achieve optimum operation of the machines.

Are you interested? Optimize your packaging.


Packaging lines

Suppose you want to introduce a distinctive product. Or you have to switch to a new packaging for your chocolate pursuant to the law. How are you going to handle this?

Lareka develops total solutions based on your business objectives with maximum output, efficient packaging lines and a product that is all you could wish for.

By integrating marketing, consumer experience and the production process and by aligning machines and logistics, a total concept is created that is more than the sum of its parts.


Are you interested? Optimize your packaging.

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