By profiting from many years of knowledge and experience with respect to packaging!


With Lareka, your machine is in good hands.

We have been involved in packaging since 1980 and in packaging chocolate since 1996. We are ahead of developments, implement new techniques and operate worldwide. In this way, we can give you a headstart.


At Lareka we look at packaging from an overall perspective instead of the separate parts. With us, you will find expertise in the areas of marketing, engineering, manufacturing technology, business management, lean management, legislation and food safety. A unique combination of knowledge and experience in one company.


How do you give your chocolate a better future?

Are you interested? Optimize your packaging.


What is your goal when you want to have a packaging machine overhauled?

- Higher speed?

- More output?

- A nicer product because of a better running machine?


At Lareka we overhaul machines according to your wishes. You can come to us with virtually every overhaul issue. We make machines safer and more reliable, and we optimize cam tracks. You are also welcome if you want new covers or a new coating. Of course, we have the CE marking and the machine directory does not have any secrets for us.


Because every machine is different, no overhaul is the same. This is to say that you can count on a wealth of knowledge and experience and that in the course of time we have developed new techniques that prove themselves every day again.


Food safety

We design our machines with the possibility of proper cleaning in mind.


Minimum contact with the product reduces the friction of the chocolate so that less dirt is produced, which then results in a nicer product. Chocolate that breaks despite this, can be fed out through a chute and waste collector. Material selection involves easy to clean stainless steel and plastics.


By making use of blue tie-wraps containing iron, a metal detector can detect the residues in case of a defect.

Brushes are designed so that the bristles cannot come off and end up in the product.


Lareka has an international range of action. The world is our working field and we speak various languages: English, German and Dutch. This eases the communication throughout the entire process. 


This global approach bears fruit.

We provide manuals and human-machine interfaces in your preferred language. Local laws? Local conditions such as heat and air humidity? You can rely on our knowledge in these areas as well.

Climate conditions affect your sweets and chocolate. Paper and cardboard are vulnerable materials and loose labels in stacks will warp. In this case, you will need other solutions, such as paper on a roll. At Lareka, we think of the solution, not the problem.


Contact us to talk about

international business.


Changeover times

Time is money. This particularly holds for the changeover times of your packaging machine. The faster the forming parts can be changed, the higher the efficiency and productivity.


With Lareka you can reduce your changeover times. How? To start with, we offer format sets in boxes. Then there is the Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED). Things go fast from here. A box with forming sets is compact and provides a good overview. In one glance, you can see if your set is complete and if all parts are on the machine.

Besides, each part has a number that corresponds with its position on the machine. A changeover list with exchange parts makes sure that you change all parts in the correct order as well. You can also change the settings of your machine on the spot, which saves you even more time.


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