25 April 2023

Why do the world's best craft chocolate makers choose for Lareka?

Updated: 25 April 2023

In this interview with The Chocolate Journalist, we answer the question above by explaining the importance of consultation in the transition to automated packaging and how we eliminate the fear of losing brand identity.

The Chocolate Journalist x Lareka

One of the reasons why craft chocolate makers are hesitant to buy a wrapping machine (although they would have the budget and production capacity for it) is that they are afraid they will need to change packaging, give up their delicate wrappers for more sturdy (and let’s admit it, way less pretty) designs and eventually lose their brand identity 🍫👤❓

However, there is no need to compromise!

The Lareka BTB25 can wrap all kinds of wrapping material, from the delicate Dandelion packaging with its renowned crafty feel, to the unique Casa Cacao bars with textured layers, all the way to the beautifully exposed inclusions of Bernachon. To satisfy their customers, the Lareka Team admits that they had to become not only experts in wrapping machines, but also in packaging materials:

“To best serve the craft bean-to-bar chocolate market, we soon realized that preliminary consultation on packaging and consequent customization on our machines were going to be a MUST for the success of our clients.

We never want a chocolate maker to “just buy” our machine, because the same exact machine can’t possibly wrap all kinds of packaging in a satisfying way, and a lot of frustration will inevitably follow. Instead of leaving chocolate makers alone in figuring things out, we chose to deepen our own knowledge on packaging so that we can assist them in the best possible way from start to finish.

 For example, we:

🍫  ask potential clients to send over their packaging

🖐 test it on our machines and often create prototypes

🛠 figure out the changes needed to achieve a smooth process

♻️ suggest ways to go green and find sustainable suppliers

💰 consult on ways to reduce packaging costs

From eco-friendly materials to different opening orientations, delicate and hard components, unusual sizes and intricate details, we have worked with so many different kinds of chocolate packaging that we know exactly what to do to make the work of chocolate makers easier while protecting the customer experience.

Packaging is a crucial factor in selling craft chocolate, and with a Lareka machine you are free to express all your creativity without restrictions and without compromising your brand identity.”

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