17 May 2022

Lareka, more than a packaging machine manufacturer

Updated: 17 May 2022

Our work goes much further than supplying packaging machines. We brainstorm with chocolate makers and support them through the entire project: from the design of the bar to the material of the chocolate wrapping.

(Unfounded) Fear through a lack of knowledge

We notice that many craft chocolate makers fear taking the step to automatic packaging. Fear stemming from a lack of knowledge and experience. It is important for these chocolatiers to know that this fear is completely unfounded and that it is no surprise to us that traditional chocolatiers have little to no knowledge or experience with purchasing chocolate packaging machines. In the more than four years since we developed the BTB25 and NP60, we have developed over 100 unique chocolate wrappings and have managed to tackle any problem we faced. Our knowledge and experience grow with every project, and we are more than happy to share that with our customers. We support chocolatiers during the entire process - from bar to wrapped product - and we take every decision in agreement and collaboration with the customer.


Examples of the prevailing fear among chocolate makers are often related to one of the following topics: maintaining brand identity when requiring (minimal) adjustments to the bar or packaging; lack of knowledge about materials (and their suppliers); lack of technical knowledge and experience with operating, recalibrating and maintaining packaging machines. Whatever the fear, and whatever its root cause, trust Lareka! We challenge you to bring us questions or wishes we have not encountered before. Whatever your question is, Lareka has the answer. See below for some examples of customers we have helped with adjusting the product and/or packaging.

The success of packaging is in the combination of product, material and machine. Let us help you conquer your fear with the knowledge and experience we have accumulated during our over twenty years of developing packaging solutions for chocolate makers.