17 May 2022

BTB25: optimal flexibility and ease of use

Updated: 17 May 2022

In the 1950s and 1960s, the product lifecycle of a bar of chocolate was more like 10 years than 10 months. At the time, chocolate manufacturers focused on efficiently producing a single product in large volumes (cost leadership). But times change...

Preferences change

In 2022, craft chocolate makers prefer to offer a varied range of large and small and bars rather than producing one product and achieving economies of scale. These chocolate makers like experimenting with new sizes, (flavour) combinations and batches of beans from various origins. However, there is a drawback to producing a varied range of different weights and sizes: finding a universal packaging solution.

One packaging machine for the entire range

No matter what your selection consists of, your entire range of bars and tablets can be packaged with the extremely versatile BTB25. There is no packaging machine on the market that can beat the size range of this low volume packaging machine. The BTB25 can package bars and tablets from 25x30mm (4g) to 100x200mm (300g). Whereas in the past you needed several machines to cover this range of sizes, with the BTB25 can automatically package all your bars and tablets.

Size conversion: faster and easier

We have made it possible perform size conversions easily and quickly. A size conversion can be carried out within 15 minutes. If you are asking yourself how come our machines can do that so much faster, it is because you only need to change two main sizing components - the folding box and the label magazine. These components remain intact and can be changed in their entirety. You therefore do not need to fine tune various small, individual components. It saves time and effort, as you can see in the video below.


If the packaging of several sizes/products is standing in the way of expanding your product range, then the size range of the BTB25 and the ease with which size conversion can be implemented, make this chocolate wrapping machine the perfect solution for chocolate makers with a varied product range.