27 January 2022

Machine safety and hygiene: crucial aspects when purchasing (chocolate) machines

Updated: 27 January 2022

Traditional chocolate companies primarily evaluate packaging machines based on the performance of the machine and the quality of the end product. Less attention is paid to factors that we and lawmakers believe are just as important: safety and hygiene.

Hygiene and safety
Of course, when evaluating a machine, performance and the quality of the end product are key. This is especially the case in the artisanal and bean-to-bar chocolate market. Due to a lack of technical knowledge and experience with machines, they are not always aware of the importance of two other crucial factors: safety and hygiene. And yet our experience with industrial chocolate multinationals shows that underestimating the importance of these factors can have enormous (financial) consequences. That is why a special emphasis has been placed on safety and hygiene in the design of the BTB25.

Hygienic design
To make the BTB25 and NP60 as hygienic as possible and to simplify the cleaning process, the design is based on the so-called balcony principle. This means that all ‘waste’ falls directly into a container that is easy to empty. This eliminates any chocolate residue in the machine, facilitates cleaning and reduces contamination. The machines stand on four feet, making it easy to clean underneath the machine. When assembling the machines, we use as few hexagon socket head cap screws as possible. Of course, all materials that come into direct contact with the product (the chocolate bar) have been checked for food safety. Just like in the world of artisan chocolate, when developing a machine it is all about the details. The little touches make all the difference.

Safety first
(Food) safety is crucial when it comes to both the chocolate product itself and the health of operators. Risks to operators have been eliminated through the use of an integrated electronic safety system in conjunction with taught-in door switches. If an operator opens one of the machine covers, thereby exposing the operator to a potential risk, the rotational movement is abruptly stopped. In addition, these machines are made exclusively of certified components, all of which comply with the Machinery Directive.

Industrial machines are difficult to clean. On the BTB25 this is a lot easier because the machine parts can be dismantled, which allows for easy cleaning.


Benefit from >20 years of knowledge and experience
Chocolate multinationals know the consequences of workplace accidents caused by unsafe and unhygienic machines. This knowledge and experience enables multinationals to conduct their own independent evaluations when purchasing machines. Many artisan chocolate makers do not have this knowledge and experience. This makes it difficult for them to correctly assess machines when it comes to safety and hygiene. For instance, safety is often based entirely on the CE marking, without realising that when buying a machine from outside the EU, the responsibility lies entirely on the importer (the chocolate maker).

Artisan chocolate makers should be able to focus on their trade and not have to worry about potential work accidents caused by unsafe machines. Lareka takes these worries out of your hands with a machine that is completely (food) safe and hygienic, not to mention their customised advice. We are very happy to share the expertise we have amassed over the past 40 years with packaging. Please don't hesitate to contact us!